what i feel when i orchestrate words

how does one write their heart

onto a blank piece of nothing

my heart aches from beating so fast

i want everything on this piece of nothing

but how can my insides

become words

that people would want to believe




now i realize that

a writers most powerful instrument

is their words


they  fill ones heart

like an arena

but never fall out of tune


and the most impressive thing

is that when the song ends

your heart does that thing

where it flutters and aches

but keeps a rhythm

like the song never ended

in the first place







Dreams keep us alive

Like a pretty coffee shop

They give us something to look forward to


There is no such thing as an impossible dream

Flying is even possible

Because wanting to fly is not the dream

It’s wanting to feel like you’re soaring

Through the mountains, trees,

Over the biggest things on Earth


And it’s very possible to feel that

Just walking in a meadow

You can be safe

While feeling like you’re on the very tip of the world



Daily Prompt: Promises

Promises to yourself should be as well known as promises to loved ones.

We promise until death do us part

We promise with loyalty on our tongues

But should we promise to give us strength when no one is around?

Should we embrace our inner selves with a promise?

Our bodies sometimes need a push

We need something to believe in

Just as much as we trust belief in others.







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Elegant Elephant

There once was an elephant
Pure as the whitest snow
Elegant as a lady’s glove

She was small
Quant, even
And her friends constantly reminded her

The elephant’s insides shook
every time her friends laughed
at her unique size

But one stormy day came along
and all of the big elephants had no place to hide
But the elegant elephant found a quiet cave
small enough to shield her
and big enough to live in

Now her friends begged the sky to be small
so they could be safe, quiet
But the lightning struck their enormous beings
leaving the elegant one alone

She met new friends
Mr. Bat and Mrs. Bat
They understood her
They loved her
and now the elegant elephant
was home

Somewhere along growing up from a pretty awful, anxious home life to losing almost all of my high school friends has made me ice cold. I’ve always had walls made of concrete, but they’re slowly growing even higher and it seems almost impossible to crash them down. I feel like I’m drowning in a pond of my own demons. Growing up without true and open relationships has made me convinced that there’s almost no such thing.

But I do know there is. It’s so hard for me to understand and open up myself. I feel that I close myself off to the people I care about most. I’m so hard to handle, I’m sorry.

never forget you

As the night slipped away, our eyes slipped lower and lower. We stayed in our circles holding our drinks high, cheering for more. After endless blind glances, I set down my drink and destroyed the invisible line blocking us. Without a single touch, I rested my lips onto his. His lips tasted smoky but were sincerely soft. His drink crashed onto the dance floor, splashing our legs and my upper thigh. His hands wrapped me up into him, lifting me off the sticky ground. My arms are around his sweaty neck, my legs are intertwined around his back. The bass thumps loud into our ears as we’re completely embraced with each other. My body moves with his, his tongue gently drives me insane. I forget where I am, who I am, but I don’t stop. He breaks away for a split second to catch his breath. I catch his eyes on mine, and he lets out an exhausted laugh and says, “you’re making me go crazy.” I smile with my tongue pressing against my teeth and then dread him asking for my name. Before I could answer, he lets out a “who are you?”