“hey, nice to meet you. what’s your music taste?”

Ah, the inevitable conversations of our favorite types of _______.

But why do we discuss our favorites? Because we want others to know us better? Most likely. And when someone else doesn’t “agree” about a certain favorite, cool!? We all like different things!?

If favorites are subjective, then that means people can express their love without receiving backlash, right?

Sadly, as long as there are people expressing their love for something, there will always be someone to crush the very reason you love something simply because their opposing opinion clashed with yours.

Music taste. It’s become this be-all-end-all of who a person is and how valuable their “taste” is. I’m in love with music, so much that my “taste” varies explicitly due to my hobby of searching Spotify for all types of artists, genres. I have the widest mind for art, I let everything that makes me feel something significant in; my taste is based on feeling, not originality, quality, or worth. I feel that the more people base their taste on the mechanics of how it works compared to others, the less they will have the ability to feel the power of each individual works of art, and appreciate them for why they exist. Opinions are beautiful, powerful, and necessary. But the most unproductive act someone can take is putting someone down for having a favorite, for loving a song that may sound similar to another, for enjoying an artist even though they are popular, for releasing a piece of positivity into this already conflicted Earth.

There is no solution, people will still but heads based on various opinions and favorites. However, maybe something as simple and wonderful as music should become a peaceful  road sign, rather than a destructive road block; we can agree to disagree. And maybe we can learn to expand our way of thinking just enough to let the light shine on things we would’n’t normally open the curtains for.


xo, liz


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