Recent Endeavors

I’m not going to lie, most of these will be tv shows, movies, books (the usual boring shit but too bad I have no shame lol) (also this will probably be quite long as I’ve become recently obsessed with many things)

Let’s begin with Holding Up the Universe, a beautiful novel by the always wonderful Jennifer Niven.
Jennifer never ceases to create realistic, delicate, heartbreaking stories. She takes gentle care in crafting characters. Love stories are never the main attraction; the characters have deep battles within themselves that are honest and intriguing. For this novel, she writes two incredibly different individuals with two very different conflicts inside themselves. Libby recently lost weight, but is still seen as one of the most overweight girls in her school. Whereas Jack has face blindness. The two compromise one another significantly well, while still remaining separate in their struggles. The voice of these two characters are distinct and loud and just so real. I could go on and on about this wonderful piece of art, but I’m sure I’ve spilt enough love for now.

La la land. This movie is strikingly magnificent and if you are a human who refuses to see it because of it’s popularity and it’s seemingly typical plot, please reconsider and just watch it. The directing and writing alone is some of the most beautiful in a musical/film I’ve seen. Nothing seemed out of place, unnecessary, or cheesy. Each scene was well constructed into an honest film. The Audition song from Mia (Emma Stone) is one of my favorite musical songs of all time. I’m very happy I saw this film.

The Flash. I kept seeing tumblr gifs from this tv show and decided to take a leap and start it. I’m not at all a big superhero lover, but this SHOW has swept me off my feet and reeled me in. The show is very well written and I found the flash universe incredibly interesting. There seems to be endless flash comics that the show pulls from, making it a very fun show to look forward to watching. A very unique quality of the show is how unbelievably hilarious it is. The humor is so effortless for a superhero show and I just fell in love with that aspect right away. HIGHLY recommend (also Grant Gustin is a beautiful human so there you go)  (OH and Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy in HP has joined the show and he is so good in it)

Lastly and surprisingly another show based on comics: RIVERDALE! I admit, I started watching the show mostly because Cole Sprouse was in it, but also because the concept was very interesting and remind me of a dark Gossip Girl. I was not at all disappointed. It seems to resemble a mixture of Bates Motel and Gossip Girl, which equals a very intriguing show that I’m very glad I started watching. Of course, everyone has their own ship show happening (I’m 100% Bughead) but the concept is really the reason I’ve fallen in love. Every character has had this powerful moment that makes the show stand together in a unique way. I’m constantly being surprised every episode with what a character does or how they interact, which is very important in tv for me. Back to Bughead for two seconds (Betty and Jughead) I may have fallen into a slight hole from the newest episode with their adorable interactions. I honestly feel like their personalities compliment each other beautifully, plus I love their detective partnership. Overall, this show has become my newest guilt pleasure, although I’m not even a little bit guilty about loving it.

There are probably many more recent endeavors, but I thought this was a good starting list for the new year.


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