update …

this new set of classes definitely have some of the most work attached to them, but I don’t seem to mind terribly. I like every class to an extent, and my schedule of time is quite unique from what I’m used to. Mon. and Wed. are relaxed and in a new, cool setting. Tu. and Th. are jam packed, four classes in a row, barely any time to eat, but I weirdly like it. I’ve never had a day without breaks in between, so that part excites me.

i have my first short story due for fiction on valentine’s day. I’m writing it about a character very similar to my mother, but a bit more eccentric. I haven’t really started, but my brain is constantly thinking about it, much like every other story that’s floating away inside me.

this new year has helped me realize that my true art and passion is what I’m meant to pursue. no one on the entire planet can talk me out of that.


twenty seventeen looks like sunny and sweet rain; with vibrant colors and early bedtimes.



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