Like Sunday, Like Rain: my first movie review

It all started when I was wondering on Netflix when I began to find films not many people heard of. Films that were simple but beautiful. Films that tugged at my heart string with incredible writing and acting. I realized that this genre of film I found so fascinating was the wonderful Independent Film. I have countless favorites, but my first review will be the most recent I’ve watched with the wonderful Leighton Meester as the lead. Now if you know me at all you would know that Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows, and if you know the show G.G., you would know that Leighton Meester plays the irreplaceable Blair Waldorf, who is coincidentally one of my favorite on screen characters in all of television. Now that I have watched two amazing indie films that starred this incredible actress, I’ve realized the reason behind Blair being one of my favs was because of Leighton and her unbelievable portrayal of the character. And her character Eleanor in Like Sunday, Like Rain is absolutely no exception.

The movie is briefly about a women named Eleanor who takes a job as a nanny for this 12-year old rich prodigy for the cello and academics in general. May sound a bit cliche, but trust me there is much more to the story. Their bond grows unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in film or television. The way they truly care for one another makes my heart burst. Throughout the film, we discover how messed up Eleanor’s home life is and how her family doesn’t really care. The boy, Reggie, grows a beautiful care for Eleanor and takes on the role of being there for her unconditionally. Their ending scene together was completely heart wrenching. The raw emotion each of them showed for one another was breathtaking.

I feel like I’m often always looking for romantic films that make me constantly believe in love. But sometimes a film like this comes around and reminds you that love comes in all shapes and sizes and forms. These two share an unbreakable friendship and love that is pure genius and real. I want more films like this one. A complete must see.

EDIT: I completely forgot to mention the incredible acting of Julian Shatkin who plays Reggie. Oh my goodness. I thought the child actors of Stranger Things were unbelievable (they still are don’t get me wrong) but this kid blew me away. He doesn’t just say the words like some child actors tend to do, he lives them. Every move he did and every look he made was meaningful. And of course, the ending scene just brought tears to my eyes. His emotion felt so real, it was a pleasure to watch. He is 100% going places.

Rating: 5 stars


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