never forget you

As the night slipped away, our eyes slipped lower and lower. We stayed in our circles holding our drinks high, cheering for more. After endless blind glances, I set down my drink and destroyed the invisible line blocking us. Without a single touch, I rested my lips onto his. His lips tasted smoky but were sincerely soft. His drink crashed onto the dance floor, splashing our legs and my upper thigh. His hands wrapped me up into him, lifting me off the sticky ground. My arms are around his sweaty neck, my legs are intertwined around his back. The bass thumps loud into our ears as we’re completely embraced with each other. My body moves with his, his tongue gently drives me insane. I forget where I am, who I am, but I don’t stop. He breaks away for a split second to catch his breath. I catch his eyes on mine, and he lets out an exhausted laugh and says, “you’re making me go crazy.” I smile with my tongue pressing against my teeth and then dread him asking for my name. Before I could answer, he lets out a “who are you?”


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