Lolla: Year Two

July 28th was a day filled with some of my most favorite moments that I’ve ever experienced. Lollapalooza year 2.

Now I’m not gonna lie, last year was probably ALL AND ALL more fun for me. I saw more bands and I was with more people. However, this year was very different because I feel like I personally am different and I understand things differently. After realizing what the fuck that amazing feeling was whenever I saw live music, I had much more to look forward to. Last year I didn’t know EVERY song from a certain band or artist I saw, nor was I completely in love with their albums from head to toe.

THIS year I saw that The 1975 were going to be there, which was an instant MUST for me to attend. Their sophomore album came out in February and I was listening to it constantly. My expectations were high in the sky, but don’t worry, they did not at ALL disappoint.

Not only was The 1975 great and amazing and wonderful, but I felt so personally connected with them. Unless you’ve experienced a concert, you can never really know what it’s like to see a band you truly admire LIVE. It gives you a totally new perspective on their sound and persona. To be able to see them doing their thing without having any type of screen in front of you or editing to make it look better is an honest experience. Great bands/singers do certain personal things to make the show that more special, which is exactly what Matty (lead singer) did. I felt so incredibly lucky and that 1 hour will always live in my heart.

ALSO MELANIE MARTIEZ WAS SO GOOD!!! I discovered her in April and totally fell in love. She was so cool/fun and I can never forget singing along to Cry Baby with her in the pouring rain.


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