Today is the most glorious day 2016 has given us thus far. The sky is completely cloudless and the sun has shed light on the entire town. Mango Black Tea lemonade has quenched my thirst and my legs are exposed with my new favorite shorts. There is also a baseball game happening on campus and this creative kids activity thing. Basically, everyone is outside. I, however, am writing in the library right by the window, overlooking the bluest sky.

As you may have noticed, I posted two other pieces of writing today without any explanation. Granted, not every piece of art needs it, but I thought I’d clarify why. I wrote the poem Wait literally 1 hour ago in this exact spot. The idea came to me from opening my ‘writing inspirations’ folder and finding a sentence/metaphor about waiting I wrote back in 2014. I suddenly got inspired to take that interesting idea, reinvent it and write a poem. I probably would never have done this 2 years ago, but ever since taking creative writing I’ve been insanely more open about poetry and have come to love it.

As for ‘beautiful silence,’ I remember writing this last semester and vividly recalling why I was drawn to it. The feeling I get when I look at the moon has slightly changed ever since I took Astronomy. The moon, stars, planets, asteroids, dwarf planets, and so on that live in the sky fascinate me like crazy. There’s so much going on up there but we can only see a very small portion with our eye. Looking at the moon that evening gave me peace and reassurance that felt different than normal. My favorite line in that small piece is the last one: with the moon, there is only silence.’


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