“Now I wish I could freeze the time at 17.”

My girl Alessia Cara has a song called Seventeen and while I listen to it, I remember my life at 17 and younger. Social media wasn’t my go-to entertainment, I had amazing moments with friends, and I was generally happy with myself. Family was hard at times along with friend/boy troubles, but my memories were mostly incredible. Growing up in a small town where you know literally everyone whether you wanted to or not was a huge factor in all of this. My church group had events all the time and I genuinely loved everyone that went to them and I had some of my most memorable moments with those guys: camping on the beach, corn mazes, VBS, numerous lock-ins, pranking our pastors house, game nights, ghost stories, swimming, musical adventures, and SO ON. Seriously it was all so fun I couldn’t even name every enjoyable moment because of how many there really were.

Not that that part of my life is over, it honestly kinda sucks. I mostly miss always having something fun to go to/be apart of. I laughed so much and everything was so spontaneous and we never got bored. Now I’m 20 years old, attending college, and having to figure out weird adult things that I never thought I’d have to for much longer. But now that it’s here, I’ve realized that if I keep looking behind me, it’ll be so much harder to turn my future into something unforgettable. I will be stuck in a place while everyone else is moving and moving. And now that I have looked back and realized how much I’ve grown, I am ready to create a future that is meant for me in the best way possible.



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