Table for Two

In honor of World Poetry Day, I decided to share one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever written called Table for Two. I’m in love with this because it was the first real structured poem I’ve ever written. I’m proud of its imagery, metaphor, and the emotion it expresses. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do.

I wish this was a table for two
instead of a silent back and forth
with the flakey green paint
pealing off the wall
and a lonely waitress
creating pesky squeaks
on her walk for her fifth cigarette break

It wasn’t until this day
the day you vanished from me
that I took my blood orange car
thirty minutes across the line
back to a familiar seat
to create a moment
you would have cherished

You went on about their apple pie
but I was never a fruit girl
now the warm aroma of cinnamon
reached the tip of my nose
and I tell the lonely waitress thank you
as I grasp my chilled fork
picking the fruitiest bite
letting the baked pillow
fill this vacant hole
piece by piece


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