The date FINALLY reads the 24th of December, and yet, no snow to be found! Oh well, at least driving will be safer. Believe it or not, as I’m getting older, I enjoy Christmas Eve more than the actual day. The festivities are here, but there is still more to look forward to. I really do think the build up to Christmas is better than the actual day. Yes, presents are great and all, but the shopping, the festive drinks, the wrapping, and many other activities just excite me so much! Of course, I love spending quality time with family on the eve and the day. Like today, I’m so excited to see my Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Bob’s new house! I’ve seen pictures, and it is super duper fancy. I also venture back to my childhood years on Christmas Eve. I remember being so excited for Santa to come, and now I get to pass down that excitement to the many little ones running around. All of them except Jacob, who is 12, believes in him, which is so fun!

I hope anyone who reads my blog has the most magical and joyful Christmas, or any holiday you celebrate! It’s truly the most wonderful time, and I’m very blessed that I am able to spend mine with family.







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