The Beginning and Ending of Autumn

Everything is changing. The sunset arrives sooner, the colors of the leaves brighten, and the breeze becomes crisp. It’s time to say Bon Voyage to warm summer days and welcome the sudden change in the air. Personally, I have always had a deep affection for Autumn. Life seems much more cozy and beautiful. I imagine autumn being the month for beginnings and endings. For some, it means returning to school and responsibility. I always thought September felt more like the start of a new year than January. Although, autumn is also a month for endings. Nature is affected by the chill of the air, turning the leaves red/orange/yellow. While it may look wonderful, the reality is that they’re dying and will soon fall off into piles that children love to jump in. Their journey is over for the year, and from that moment until a few more months, those trees will be empty. We begin to dread winter and blame it for taking away our perfect autumn leaves. But this is just a cycle, a cycle that will go on forever. However, human existence does not survive forever. We will have to also say goodbye to these colorful, dying leaves and trust that life on earth will keep circling and never fully die. Until then, let us enjoy the beauty life has to offer in the lovely season of autumn. 


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