Feeling Okay with You.

I swear I have complete 180’s when it comes to how I feel about myself. Some days are easy, and some are horrific. I guess today is one of the easy and good days. No, today is the day I start believing in the easy and the good. It’s one thing to say you are okay with your body or your annoying laugh, but another to truly believe your own words and live by them. I was never the one to be ashamed of how I looked, but once influences started to peak into my life, everything began to wither away. I compared myself to every girl on the planet I could think of that didn’t have my body, face or hair. I was pushing myself into a steep hole with nothing to help me out of it. I started to gain weight in College, which is pretty normal, but the weight started to mentally weigh me down. Almost nothing I owned fit me right and I had moments of panic and confusion and disgust. The comfort I had with myself was fading drastically.

Now, this story doesn’t  have a perfect and happy ending. I still have body/mental doubts about myself all the time. But what is different from then and now is my acceptance. I accept that I am not the perfect image I was always seeking, and that is okay. And here’s a secret: there is no such thing as the perfect image. Beauty is awesome because it lives in all of us and shape shifts into all different forms.
I believe that I am beautiful in my own way, just like everyone else

.IMG_3544IMG_3532 IMG_3556


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