Spring Break. Fun. Free. Loud. Quiet. New. Warm. Perfect.

I’ve been thinking about running away to a quiet and nature filled environment for my writing because I thought it would be more personal and help me produce better writing. While that may be true in some aspects, I haven’t even TRIED writing in noise. Noise that I ENJOY.

I recently bought the new taylor swift CD 1989, and I’ve become obsessed to say the least. This sound is electrifying. It’s brought out a new freeness that I have never met before. I’ve been singing to the top of my lungs to every song, closing my eyes and only feeling the warm, spring breeze.
Feeling Free is indescribable. My closest description is when you close your eyes randomly without caring about anyone else looking, or dancing like a fool without opening your eyes to see how ridiculous you look. Feeling free is letting your hair dance with the wind until it’s a careless mess. Feeling free is learning how to let the world take you wherever you want to go.


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