This past week I had the insane opportunity to travel somewhere new and exciting, which does not happen too often. My friend from high school, Malia, has a dad, step mom, two little sisters, and a dog who live in Seattle, Washington. I’ve known about them for quite some time, but have not gotten the chance to meet all of them. When Malia texted me in early October about a chance to go with her, I was overwhelmed with joy. I did not believe I was actually going to Seattle.

When the time came, I drove to Malia’s grandmothers house where we got our things together to drive to Midway. The flight was dark so we couldn’t see too much of a view, but it was nice. Three and a half hours later, our feet set foot onto Seattle grounds, and let me tell you, it felt perfect. Traveling is something I want for myself always, so seeing the different views Seattle gave me was more than I could ever ask for.

Stay tuned for pictures of the beach, the market, and beautiful hiking. Also some more words about these particularly nice stops we made.

Seattle is now up there for new favorite city, sorry Chicago!


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